Goodbye Mozaz

February 2, 2011

He was certainly divisive and could often be argumentative – even with those who loved him dearly – but there can be little doubt that Sheffield (and countless photography and political forums) will be much changed without the larger-than-life Mr Mark ‘Mozaz’ Wallace

It’s a similar feeling to the loss of the Eggbox or the Tinsley Towers, things just aren’t the same without them/him.

Come along and say goodbye to the loud man with the big heart…

The funeral will take place tomorrow (Thursday 3rd Feb) Grenoside Crematoruim, North Chapel – 12 till 1:30pm.  Then there will be a gathering from 1:30pm at the Philledelphian WMC, Martin Street, Upperthorpe, Sheffield with the showing of a film dedicated to Mo created by the wonderful Light Engine Films.


One Response to “Goodbye Mozaz”

  1. […] is the old area code for Sheffield. It was also the name our dearly departed mate Mozaz used on his Urban Exploration posts. We can think of no more fitting MO-morial; Mark would have […]

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