The Beautiful Idea

March 13, 2011

More often than not we anarchists are portrayed as violent, thuggish, punks who just want to smash everything – the system, capitalism, the state, etc, etc. Sometimes it’s a fair comment – the Brigade look forward to the day when they corner Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and a bunch of assorted royals (except for that Andrew fella, he looks like he can handle himself) in a dark alley with no CCTV 😉 – but this is not the whole story.

Anarchism was once widely known as ‘the beautiful idea’, and for good reason. At it’s core is a general and genuine love of human freedom. As Mikhail Bakunin said in 1870:

We wish, in a word, equality – equality in fact as a corollary, or rather, as primordial condition of liberty. From each according to his faculties, to each according to his needs; that is what we wish sincerely and energetically.

Ok, so it’s not as catchy as ‘Friggin in the Riggin’, but it’s hardly the maxim of an angry, anti-social misfit. The Brigade will always be punk at heart, but we recognise that anarchist ideals should be more widely celebrated, so Warren has decided to accentuate the positive and create a blog dedicated to anarchy as ‘the beautiful idea’.

He’s collecting influential pieces from people who are not always considered anarchist thinkers to show the depth and passion of the anarchist philosophy…

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