Liberty Blooms in Zagreb – Is Freedom Heading Our Way? ;-)

March 14, 2011

The beautifully named ‘Jasmine Spring’ popular uprisings in the Middle East have inspired people all over the world. One by one people are finding the courage to take a stand against their own corrupt governments. The good news for the all too passive UK is that the wave now seems to be moving northward over Europe. Understandably our media is not so enthusiastic when it comes to reporting uprisings in an EU country, but that’s exactly what’s happening in EU and NATO member state, Croatia.

As France 24 reports:

Every other evening for the past ten days, the streets of Croatia’s capital city Zagreb have been filled with a miscellaneous hodgepodge of several thousand citizens united around a single goal: getting rid of their corrupt government.

See the full France 24 report here.


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