Join the #countmeout Protest Against @Lockheedmartin and the #2011census

March 18, 2011

Don’t forget to tell Lockheed Martin what you’re doing today in protest against the waste-of-money 2011 Census…

On Friday 18 March, just over a week before ‘census day’, people across the country will be flooding Lockheed Martin UK’s email with information about their day. Starting at 9am with a “what I had for breakfast” email and finishing at 5pm, people will be regularly updating Lockheed Martin as part of a fun and creative day of action.

Take action in three easy steps:
1. Email Lockheed Martin UK

2. Help create a Twitter storm
3. Tell your friends and family

1. Email Lockheed Martin UK
Send your first email to Lockheed Martin via their Director of Communications The idea is to send as many emails as possible from 9am-5pm. For example, you could email Lockheed each time you have something to eat, or have a drink of water.

E.g: Dear Lockheed Martin UK,

I have just eaten some toast and made a cup of tea. I only eat brown toast with the crusts and I take my tea with no milk, two sugars. I hope this helps with your collection of information for the 2011 census.


or perhaps:

Dear Lockheed Martin UK,

I have just had my second cigarette of the morning. I have been smoking since I was 17 but am currently trying to quit. I hope this helps with your collection of information for the 2011 census.


2. Help create a Twitter storm
Each time you send an email, tweet what you’ve said and help create a Twitter storm. People will be tweeting all day so don’t stop at just the one!

Don’t forget to include  @Lockheedmartin and #2011census and #countmeout.

E.g.   @Lockheed This morning I had two giant cups of tea with milk and no sugar #2011census #countmeout.

3. Tell your friends and spread the word
Send this action to all your friends and family. Keep on emailing throughout the day and tweet about what you’ve said.

Good luck!

One Response to “Join the #countmeout Protest Against @Lockheedmartin and the #2011census”

  1. Lucy De Cleyre said

    It was deeply saddening to hear personal threats of violence made against two, non aligned anarchist women comrades at the predominantly anarchist “Glastonwick” music bash this weekend. it seems we are in danger of “eating” ourselves alive after our recent discovery of police officers within our ranks. The movement I have always felt comfortable appears to have become a quagmire of rumour and internecine squabbling. I am particularly disheartened by the random nature of this particular incident, part of which I witnessed, and deeply concerned that genuine comrades will end up seriously physically hurt if we do not act to avoid a purge culture in the aftermath of our recent unearthing of infiltrators. We have always had weaknesses, our openness and honesty may be regarded as such, but also a huge strength. We really need to challenge macho thuggery within our movement, and not shy away from condemning those who propagate this activity, whether they are considered “top boys” in antifa, or mere mortals. Please don’t let us lose the opportunities we are currently creating by allowing personal violence, based on personal disagreement to pollute our good spirit. In witnessing this it was clear that the perpetrators were acting on information from Sean Creggan. Antifa’s “top boy” but also (I really hope) unaware that his target was one of the women’s “ex” and she has already been vindicated within the movement at meetings attended by a large number of active anarchists. The above mentioned could be commended for his bravery, but has regularly risked comrades freedom by leading them into scenarios that were clearly unapproachable. It would appear that Antifa has styled itself on an undiluted AFA model without attempting to challenge the macho and often openly sexist culture of that organisation, clearly missing a trick for an allegedly “anarchist improved” dialectic. It is truly depressing to witness women being physically threatened in this way and that those doing the threatening, consciously or not, were doing so on the basis of a personal feud between two slightly suspect, male, long time members of the anarchist community who both have a record of personal violence alot of which is entirely unrelated to legitimate political activity. I have been an active Anarchist for many years and as such have seen a fair bit of conflict, but when we start threatening innocent people, based on an individuals personalised view of a situation rather than evidence; We need to “wise up” take a look at ourselves and particularly THINK about why violence may be required and be truly sure we are not committing heinous offences in the name of anarchism, to do so, disrespects us all, and allows others to do the same. Wake up, don’t believe the hype.

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