Rachel Firth’s Rotherham Race War

April 30, 2011

We all know that the BNP are crackers in every sense of the word, but Rachel Firth, the BNP’s Kirklees organiser, takes the biscuit 😀

Last week she posed for photos holding a replica handgun during the BNP’s St George’s Day ‘celebrations’ at Hooton Lodge Country Pub & Campsite in Rotherham (the owners of the site have said made it clear they were unaware that the BNP were using their facilities). Never mind the fact that she looks like a bit of a knob – or that there are probable grounds for criminal charges under The Violent Crime Reduction Act – what really pisses us off is that these are grown men and women waving authentic looking firearms on a public site filled with children!  You’d have thought that these (supposedly) paedophile hating people would have more sense…

When the Huddersfield Examiner reported the incident a grammatically challenged individual named ‘Rachy’ (now who could that be?) commented…

“This was a BB gun! it is about time people lightened up, or maybe put their energy into persicuting the 25 convicted Labour peadophilles!”

Take note, these weren’t just ordinary, everyday fictitious paedophiles (the BNP often like to make up some paedophiles when they’re trying to counter an indefensible argument – even though the BNP have the highest rate of spouse and child abusers of any political party), they were fictitious Labour paedophiles!

And before we get accused of defending paedophiles it’s worth pointing out that we’re actively opposed to all abuses of power and non-consensual violence, which, of course, includes paedophilia and fascism 😉 

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