Fuck the UKKK

June 26, 2011

Whilst in opposition the Tories cried many a crocodile tear over the loss of liberties in the UK. As soon as they get into power however they prove themselves to be even more fascistic than the previous Labour government (who themselves managed to create 3000+ new ‘crimes’ and negate the right to trial by jury, Habeas corpus, etc).

Not only are the Tories currently repealing squatters rights (without which the welfare state would never have existed in the first place), they’re also holding SECRET discussions to try and introduce new levels of internet censorship in the UK. This from activistpost.com

A group of UK copyright lobbyists held confidential, closed-door meetings with Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries to discuss a plan to allow industry groups to censor the Internet in the UK. The proposal has leaked, and it reveals a plan to establish “expert bodies” that would decide which websites British people were allowed to see, to be approved by a judge using a “streamlined” procedure. The procedure will allow for “swift” blocking in order to shut down streaming of live events.

Public interest groups like the Open Rights Group asked to attend the meeting, but were shut out, presaging a regulatory process that’s likely to be a lopsided, industry-centric affair that doesn’t consider the public. The process is characterised as “voluntary,” but the proposal makes reference to the Digital Economy Act, which allows for mandatory web-blocking (thanks to the action of LibDem Lords who submitted a proposal written by a record industry lobbyist as an amendment to the DEA).

The Open Rights Group has a campaign to repeal the DEA that you can sign onto.

(from an original article by Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing)

The UK government is not alone in it’s drift towards more openly fascist tendencies, this is a global phenomena which will only get worse as capitalism fights desperately for survival in a world of dwindling resources. It’s not a ‘left’ or ‘right’ thing (hence the homogeneous blob that is the ConservativeLibDemLabour party), it’s a basic denial that growth for growth’s sake is, as Edward Abbey famously said, “the ideology of the cancer cell.”

Until more people realise that the true fight is between authority and liberty – rather than between equally abstract isms – we’re going to find ourselves in an ever more constricted society. Welcome to Britain 2011. Welcome to the UKKK.

The truth, of course, is that ALL government, hierarchy and powerful elites represent an affront to liberty. And to be frank we say: ‘FUCK ‘EM ALL!’


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