Once upon a very dark time, in the northern realm of Barnsdale (now South Yorkshire), a commoner (the myth that he was a ‘Sir’ was added much later when the aristocracy wanted to paint themselves in a better light – but don’t believe the hype, the rich have never helped the common man and they never will) named Robin Hood grew tired of seeing the rich robbing the poor. He drew together a company of brave men and women (the original Robin held women in very high regard) whose actions would turn the tables on the powerful and the corrupt. There’s little need to retell that tale here; for so noble were their deeds that they have passed into legend. But injustice is still with us and so – even though they may wear the guise of ‘corporation’, ‘politician’, ‘bureaucrat’ or ‘shareholder’ – are the robber barons. And it would seem, as things go from bad to worse, that it’s time to get the band back together.

The Barnsdale Brigade are a bunch of class conscious activists who are seeking practical solutions to impoverishment and social injustice.

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