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June 4, 2011



June 4, 2011

Doing Donny?..

June 1, 2011

We’re getting really jealous of all the new ALARM groups forming down in London. So we wondered if anyone fancied doing something similar in Doncaster?..

We all know that the BNP are crackers in every sense of the word, but Rachel Firth, the BNP’s Kirklees organiser, takes the biscuit 😀

Last week she posed for photos holding a replica handgun during the BNP’s St George’s Day ‘celebrations’ at Hooton Lodge Country Pub & Campsite in Rotherham (the owners of the site have said made it clear they were unaware that the BNP were using their facilities). Never mind the fact that she looks like a bit of a knob – or that there are probable grounds for criminal charges under The Violent Crime Reduction Act – what really pisses us off is that these are grown men and women waving authentic looking firearms on a public site filled with children!  You’d have thought that these (supposedly) paedophile hating people would have more sense…

When the Huddersfield Examiner reported the incident a grammatically challenged individual named ‘Rachy’ (now who could that be?) commented…

“This was a BB gun! it is about time people lightened up, or maybe put their energy into persicuting the 25 convicted Labour peadophilles!”

Take note, these weren’t just ordinary, everyday fictitious paedophiles (the BNP often like to make up some paedophiles when they’re trying to counter an indefensible argument – even though the BNP have the highest rate of spouse and child abusers of any political party), they were fictitious Labour paedophiles!

And before we get accused of defending paedophiles it’s worth pointing out that we’re actively opposed to all abuses of power and non-consensual violence, which, of course, includes paedophilia and fascism 😉 

The World Health Organisation has revealed that Glasgow’s wealthiest live on average 28 years longer than its most deprived inhabitants. The British government’s belief that a compassionate ‘Big Society’ will make up for savage cuts in public budgets is not likely to narrow that gap

Julien Brygo: writing in Le Monde diplomatique

And the British media have the cheek to portray anarchists as violent!

Typical behaviour from the MET, although journalists are never as keen to put this in papers or on out TV screens as they are a few panes of broken glass.

Topple the Toffs!

March 23, 2011

As we have the dubious honour of having posh twat Ed Miliband as our MP we’ve teamed up with the AMP to work on a new ‘TOPPLE THE TOFFS‘ campaign.

The working class are now under constant attack and the poorest sections of society are paying for the mistakes of the rich. And yet we’re expected to believe that a bunch of over-privileged Oxbridge elites are going to deliver a fairer, just society.

Everything that is currently in jeopardy, the NHS, education, libraries, etc – i.e. the welfare state – was created as a concession to a powerful and militant working class who were well organised and prepared to fight for their beliefs. Unfortunately those days are long gone. Three decades of neo-liberal policies from Tory and Labour alike have dis-empowered the working class and nowadays most political parties don’t even bother to pretend that they’re on our side (the BNP allege that they’re pro-working class to try and get votes, but they’re led by a money grabbing toff and their policies are as anti working class as you can get) – apparently, as Lord Prescott once said ‘we’re all middle class now’; try telling that to the pensioner who can’t afford to put the heating on.

We can afford £500 billion to bail out the banks and we can spend billions more on oil-wars, but we can’t afford to take care of the most vulnerable people in our society? Posh Dave reckons we need to take care of each other voluntarily in a nice ‘big society’, but if that’s the case why to we need government? What use is the state? The answer is same as it has always been, NO USE AT ALL!

The simple truth is that ‘representative democracy’ is sooo last millennium. We no longer want or need a layer of corrupt politicians to look after our interests. We have the ability and the technology to take control of our own lives. We just need to find the kind of strength, solidarity and willingness that our grandparents had and fight for what we believe…

And the first thing we need to do is TOPPLE THE TOFFS! 😉

Click here to download the TOFF ALERT poster.

Click here to download the MILIBAND ALERT poster.

A message from Resist26


Facebook have kindly cancelled the facebook events (Stay 4 One Day, Seed Drop etc) not to mention accounts that were linked to the events. Apparently we aren’t allowed our own facebook revolution (too many paid advertisers in the west) 😀

Please help us get the word out by posting on your blogs, tweeting and changing your facebook status to the following in solidarity!

“PLS SPREAD! Hyde Park Occupation is still on, cops closed FB event and accounts. More information

Apparently private security guards in London have been given ‘limited policing powers’ as part of a Government scheme to ‘relieve the petty crime burden on forces’. The ‘Community Safety Accreditation Scheme’ (catchy!) is a Home Office initiative which enables police chiefs (cuz we all know how trustworthy they are) to designate targeted police powers to private firms (private and power, a recipe for disaster if ever there was one!).

Under the scheme the security guards are given the power to: Request a name and address for a string of offences including criminal damage, begging and anti-social behaviour; to confiscate alcohol being consumed within a designated public place or by a person under the age of 18 years; confiscate cigarettes from under 16s; and stop cyclists riding on footpaths!

Now your average plod is a fascistic little twat by nature, but they look positively human compared to your average security guard. The job seems to attract every LITTLE HITLER and S.A.S. WANNABE on the planet!

Seriously, when they’re off duty most of them spend their time sitting around in Ex-Army combat fatigues watching re-runs of ‘The A Team’; do we really want to give them the power to HARASS our kids?

And take a look at ‘the firms’ involved… The first bunch of empowered security guards (aka privatised police force) are 15 employees of Ultimate Security Services; a company who have based their logo on, who else?…, the SAS…

Spot the difference?

Who Dares Wins! Eh, Rodders?

Don’t forget to tell Lockheed Martin what you’re doing today in protest against the waste-of-money 2011 Census…

On Friday 18 March, just over a week before ‘census day’, people across the country will be flooding Lockheed Martin UK’s email with information about their day. Starting at 9am with a “what I had for breakfast” email and finishing at 5pm, people will be regularly updating Lockheed Martin as part of a fun and creative day of action.

Take action in three easy steps:
1. Email Lockheed Martin UK

2. Help create a Twitter storm
3. Tell your friends and family

1. Email Lockheed Martin UK
Send your first email to Lockheed Martin via their Director of Communications The idea is to send as many emails as possible from 9am-5pm. For example, you could email Lockheed each time you have something to eat, or have a drink of water.

E.g: Dear Lockheed Martin UK,

I have just eaten some toast and made a cup of tea. I only eat brown toast with the crusts and I take my tea with no milk, two sugars. I hope this helps with your collection of information for the 2011 census.


or perhaps:

Dear Lockheed Martin UK,

I have just had my second cigarette of the morning. I have been smoking since I was 17 but am currently trying to quit. I hope this helps with your collection of information for the 2011 census.


2. Help create a Twitter storm
Each time you send an email, tweet what you’ve said and help create a Twitter storm. People will be tweeting all day so don’t stop at just the one!

Don’t forget to include  @Lockheedmartin and #2011census and #countmeout.

E.g.   @Lockheed This morning I had two giant cups of tea with milk and no sugar #2011census #countmeout.

3. Tell your friends and spread the word
Send this action to all your friends and family. Keep on emailing throughout the day and tweet about what you’ve said.

Good luck!