As this Boing Boing article shows there are now over a 1000 Wikileaks mirror sites on the internet. Foreign Policy have also launched the incredibly handy Wikileaked website which breaks-down of all the revelations emerging from Wikileaks’s leaks, including the latest batch of #cablegate leaks.

With sympathy sites on the rise – and thousands more people saving the ‘insurance’ file on these sites to portable hard-drives 😉 – other people, who shall remain ANONYMOUS, have been involved with OPERATION: PAYBACK, who utilised the easy to use LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) app to shut-down VISA and disrupt Mastercard for their refusal to handle donation payments to Wikileaks.

This, friends, is anarchy in action. It’s also a battle that governments and corporations have little chance of winning… as long as we stay vigilant, and remain active!

Join the Hive, join the revolution!