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June 20, 2011

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Happy Rich Businessman

We have always said “People don’t rob banks, BANKS ROB PEOPLE!” Unfortunately this statement has turned out to be more true than we first imagined.

After bailing out British banks to the tune of Ā£500 billion (100 x more than the Ā£5 billion needed to end child poverty in the UK) the main political parties have begun to debate which public sector funds will be need to be cut and by how much. Labour are already talking about a Ā£2 billion cut in education funding and it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s an election coming up so proposed figures will not even begin to reflect the real level of cuts that we can expect after the general election (regardless of which muppet ends up in the driving seat). We can guarantee that the only people who won’t suffer over the next few years are bankers and politicians!

Why do we always put up with this shit? Are we too stupid to spot when we’re being conned? Or just to spineless to do anything about it? At the beginning of the year the media forecast a ‘summer of rage’ where people would demand justice. Well, in the light of summer events, we’re sorry to say that we’re gonna forecast an ‘autumn of angst’ followed by a ‘winter of whimpering’ where everyone is dissatisfied with their lot, but – as usual – only a handful of people will dare to stand their ground. If we continue to take this level of abuse from people who were supposedly elected to represent our interests (rather than the interests of banks and corporations) then we deserve everything we get.

making a withdrawal

From now on THIS is the only kind of bank withdrawal worth making!!!


Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley are among those profiting from the misery of repossessed families by disposing of their homes in show-business-style sales.

They’re using arch bastards, the Real Estate Disposition Corporation (REDC) – who we mentioned in a previous post – to sell repossessed properties. For the good people who have been forced from their homes this is a form of secondary abuse.

REDC started in America where their auctions are more like circuses with dick-heads in penguin-suits moving among the bidders shouting out the bids and waving their arms like men on fire (…if only they were). The REDC promotes itself to banks by saying that they will not be charged for the sale. Buyers pay a 10 per cent commission, while traditional British auction houses charge sellers between 2 and 2.5 per cent (which doesn’t make them any better, just less greedy). In America the home-owner is not liable for the mortgage when they hand back the door keys; unfortunately in Britain this is not the case and by charging a high commission to buyers the REDC has created a situation where thereĀ  is less money for borrowers to pay off their mortgage debts (fuck the debts, go bankrupt – it’s what the rich do all the time) . So the banks profit, but the (homeless) home-buyer is left still owing the bank – not forgetting, in the case of Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley, that the home-buyer’s taxes have also been paid to these bastards.

During last weeks auction at Birmingham’s NEC centre a 45 year old pilot said to a journalist: ā€œObviously it is a shame for the people who have lost their house, but it is great for people looking to get their foot on the ladder.ā€

Unfortunately for thousands of people that ladder leads to a noose. Governments around the world have found that the mortgage is better than the gun for keeping people in line. And let’s not even try to pretend that a 45 year old pilot is trying to get his “foot on the ladder”; admit it, flyboy, you’re just after making a quick buck!

All those who profit from misery – be they bankers, shareholders, ‘developers’ or scummy auctioneers – are beneath contempt; they’re as guilty as the nation’s favourite scapegoat, Sir Fred Goodwin; and as much as we like to see Fred suffer, he’s just one among many – we could tackle them one at a time, but all out class war would be much quicker!

Those who are facing the bailiffs can get advice here.

Those facing homelessness can get advice here.


The working class heroes who brought it upon themselves to ‘clean up the city’ should be held in the same high regard as Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) – we know an 87 yr old lady who is claiming that she “did Goodwin”, her friend said she couldn’t have done the damage because she never leaves Doncaster, the old lady replied “But I would of done if I could!”

With estimates that some 4 million people could soon be on the dole it’s heart-warming to see that some people are finding productive ways to spend their free time…


But yesterday’s events were marred by the sad death of a protester. The facts have not yet been made clear. But reports from other countries last night suggested he may have been killed, whereas the British media said a thirty something male had ‘collapsed’ and later died.

Either way the use of cordons may have contributed to this poor guys death. The police used kettle tactics to heard protesters; this is where they cordon people into tightly packed areas so they can tightly control their movements, often keeping them in one place for hours and only letting them leave one at a timeĀ – which, of course, is a form of arbitrary detention that contravenes chapter 39 of Magna Carta. In order to affect the cordon the police will often violently rush the crowd (something you’re not likely to see on BBC coverage), when people are treated this way they become hostile and this can lead to things like back-clashes and missile throwing (which the BBC loves to broadcast). We saw footage of events like this during the miner’s strike; they were broadcast in reverse order (i.e. missile throwing followed by a police charge supposedly in retaliation) to suggest that it was the miners, rather than the police, who were violent.

As we’ve already mentioned the facts are not yet clear, but if the police are in any way culpable then they must be brought to justice – although the case ofĀ Jean Charles de Menezes, the 27 year old shot dead by police in Stockwell tube station, shows just how hard it is to hold the police accountable for their own actions.


Sorry about that.

But Fred, if you’re reading this as you sit behind the (draughty) windows of your luxury mansion, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea; maybe then we wouldn’t want to do this…


A good friend of the Barnsdale Brigade (who’s had his home repossessed thanks to the actions of the bastard bankers) sent the following sentiments…

On the advice of my dear old mother there are few things I regret in life (she was a big Edith Piaf fan), but I must say that I regret not being able to make my way to London tomorrow. I’ve never been keen on the big protest thing (not when there’s so much work to be done on our own doorsteps), but those who take a stand tomorrow do so with the full backing of the people. The actions of Bank Bosses Are Criminals (BBAC) were met with the near universal support of the general public – which is the only true legitimacy (especially when the government and the law has so blatantly abandoned the people) – and those who have decided to mark Financial Fools Day (in whichever way they choose) shall be validated in the same way. The old slogan, No Justice, Just Us, has rarely seemed so apt.

One good thing about a recession is that the rich and the powerful (and their apologists) begin to stand out like a sore thumb; even those who were happily placated by their X-Boxes and widescreen TVs begin to feel the first stirrings of class consciousness – and they know exactly where to point the finger. The Lindsey Refinery Wildcat Strikes (which showed how useless anti-union laws really are), the Waterford factory occupation (which showed that the unions must, once again, yield to the will of the people), theĀ  BBAC trashing Goodwin’s property (which was met with such widespread support from Joe Public even though property damage has been generally frowned upon in the past)Ā  and now Financial Fools Day (it’s impossible to know what will happen there, but I’ve always been impressed by the predictions of the Kaiser Chiefs); there’s certainly something in the air. It may not be revolution, but it’s caught the usual political monsters (both left and right) completely off [van]guard and has shown that you should never underestimate the people. So good luck for tomorrow guys and gals, give ’em hell – it’s no less than they’ve given us!

Kind regards,


…the future starts here!


Unfortunately the Barnsdale Brigade went to ground for a while (quite literally, it was onion planting week last week!) and we missed the fact that some real scum were paying a visit to South Yorkshire. Auction Today are parasites who sell off repossessed homes, like their American counterparts (who put on extravagant shows that make a mockery of people’s suffering) these detestable bastards profiteer from the fact that tens of thousands of families are losing their homes thanks to the greed of bankers and shareholders.

We missed the fuckers when they visited our patch, but they’ll be at a town near you soon…

Auction Date Auction Inventory and Venue Information
31st. Mar. Newcastle- The North East, Scotland and Northern Ireland | REMOTEĀ BIDDINGĀ AVAILABLE
1st. Apr. Leeds- Yorkshire and East Midlands
2nd. Apr. Birmingham- The Midlands and South Wales
4th. Apr. Manchester- The North West and North Wales | REMOTEĀ BIDDINGĀ AVAILABLE
5th. Apr. London- The South and East Anglia

Auction Today and those who seek to profit from their services are scum, why not sign up and pay them a visit and tell them what you think?


‘Round our way they have a saying – “If you’re in the shit, close your mouth.”

Unfortunately bankers show no signs of such wisdom. The greedy bastards have dragged us all into a global depression and they still think they should be rewarded for their efforts. An article in The Independent quotes Shaun Springer, chief executive of Napier Scott -which specialises in recruiting senior bankers, as saying…

ā€œBase salaries are being increased by somewhere between 5 and 10 per cent, by rule of thumb, to compensate for an overall fall in the remunerative package. This is being done in recognition of perhaps a long-term change, in which one can envisage basic salaries in the long term doubling or tripling or quadrupling compared to where they are today and bonuses falling by as much as 80 per cent. People used to, say, earn between Ā£100,000 and Ā£150,000 and receive bonuses of 10 times multiples of their base salary. But a trend is now developing where someone has a basic pay of, say, Ā£300,000 but with bonus multiple of only two or three times that.ā€

In other words the cheeky fuckers are demanding a pay rise to compensate for a drop in bonuses.

Gordon Brown said recently that we need a return to old fashioned banking. We say we should go all the way back to the twenties when bankers knew what to do during a collapse – jump, you fuckers, jump!!!


With HBOS losses now predicted to be around 11 billion pounds (more than twice the amount needed to end child poverty by 2020 – see here) Gordon Brown has placed the blame firmly at the bank’s door by saying that HBOS’s difficulties were due to its ‘flawed business model’. But the former head of risk at HBOS, Paul Moore, claims to have over 30 documents that prove Brown’s complicity in the collapse of the UK banking system and is calling for the Prime Sinister’s resignation.

Let’s not forget that the government, the banks and big business were as thick as thieves (…’thieves’ being the operative word!) during the boom years – which, of course, meant a ‘boom’ for the rich, but impoverishment, loss of liberties and an abandonment of human and worker’s rights for the rest of us. The middle class have conspired to rob the poor for years, but now, as their cosy little number comes crashing down, they’re turning on each other. Oh, how the mighty have fallen – lets tread them further into the ground!


Good Bankers = Bad Brains

December 26, 2008

A report from the Wall Street Journal has shed some light on what it takes to be a successful investment banker. The report is rather revealing as it says things like…

The 15 brain-damaged participants that were the focus of the study had normal IQs, and the areas of their brains responsible for logic and cognitive reasoning were intact. But they had lesions in the region of the brain that controls emotions, which inhibited their ability to experience basic feelings such as fear or anxiety. The lesions were due to a range of causes, including stroke and disease, but they impaired the participantsā€™ emotional functioning in a similar manner.

The study suggests the participantsā€™ lack of emotional responsiveness actually gave them an advantage when they played a simple investment game. The emotionally impaired players were more willing to take gambles that had high payoffs because they lacked fear. Players with undamaged brain wiring, however, were more cautious and reactive during the game, and wound up with less money at the end.

Some neuroscientists believe good investors may be exceptionally skilled at suppressing emotional reactions. ā€œItā€™s possible that people who are high-risk takers or good investors may have what you call a functional psychopathy,ā€ says Antoine Bechara, an associate professor of neurology at the University of Iowa, and a co-author of the study. ā€œThey donā€™t react emotionally to things. Good investors can learn to control their emotions in certain ways to become like those people.ā€

So Joel Bakan has shown (in his book and documentary, The Corporation) that corporations are inherently psychopathic and now studies in neuroeconomics have shown good bankers to be brain damaged; which kinda proves what most of us already suspect – that the lunatics have taken over the asylum!

If you were told that a psychopath would be looking after your children you would be concerned; and yet we let these bastards make daily decisions that will effect the lives of billions of people šŸ˜¦

One solution – revolution!