We all know that the BNP are crackers in every sense of the word, but Rachel Firth, the BNP’s Kirklees organiser, takes the biscuit 😀

Last week she posed for photos holding a replica handgun during the BNP’s St George’s Day ‘celebrations’ at Hooton Lodge Country Pub & Campsite in Rotherham (the owners of the site have said made it clear they were unaware that the BNP were using their facilities). Never mind the fact that she looks like a bit of a knob – or that there are probable grounds for criminal charges under The Violent Crime Reduction Act – what really pisses us off is that these are grown men and women waving authentic looking firearms on a public site filled with children!  You’d have thought that these (supposedly) paedophile hating people would have more sense…

When the Huddersfield Examiner reported the incident a grammatically challenged individual named ‘Rachy’ (now who could that be?) commented…

“This was a BB gun! it is about time people lightened up, or maybe put their energy into persicuting the 25 convicted Labour peadophilles!”

Take note, these weren’t just ordinary, everyday fictitious paedophiles (the BNP often like to make up some paedophiles when they’re trying to counter an indefensible argument – even though the BNP have the highest rate of spouse and child abusers of any political party), they were fictitious Labour paedophiles!

And before we get accused of defending paedophiles it’s worth pointing out that we’re actively opposed to all abuses of power and non-consensual violence, which, of course, includes paedophilia and fascism 😉 

Mark Collett - definitely NOT a fascist.

The BNP like to portray themselves as a ‘moderate’ political party that has left it’s violent street-fighting roots in the past. But it seems that 29 yr old Sheffield Brightside candidate, Mark Collett, hasn’t quite got the message. Key BNP members have been summoned to a meeting tomorrow to discuss “urgent organisational matters” after BNP leader Prick Gri££in and his vile colleagues made statements to the police which resulted in Collett being detained by Humberside police on Thursday.

Collet, the BNP’s ‘publicity director’, has been released on bail pending further inquiries, but it is understood that the BNP have suggested that Mr Collett was plotting to kill Nick Gri££in – Griffin and Terreblanche in one week, wouldn’t that have been news worth celebrating? 🙂

Collett and Gri££en in happier days - is it us or does this look 
like the finale of a porn movie?

With politicians being absolute back-stabbing scumbags, and right-wing politicians being the worst of all, we shouldn’t really be surprised to find that there’s a lot more to these allegations than meets the eye. We don’t doubt that a nazi like Collett is capable of murder, but the whole incident seems to have been kick- started by rumours of “alleged financial irregularities”. Didn’t a poor disillusioned nutter like Collett realise that the BNP exists solely to line Prick Gri££in’s pockets? Did he turn against his fuhrer – like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie – when he realised the truth? Or was it Collett who was caught with his fingers in the fascist-piggy bank?

We’ll probably never know, and to be honest we really don’t care. Though it’s interesting to see that the BNP really have become more like the usual mainstream political parties – i.e. they’re a bunch of greedy, devious, self-serving, corrupt bastards, just like everyone else in Westminster 😉

The Guardian has reported that Nick Gri££in’s cash cow, the BNP, have been told that their constitution is still illegal and have therefore been barred from taking new members.

Apparently the BNP rules stipulate that only “indigenous Caucasians” and people from ethnic groups “emanating from that race” could join. So what exactly does that mean?

They can’t mean the Celts or the Danes or the Romans of the Anglo Saxons – none of these invading armies can be described as truly ‘indigenous’. So which “indigenous Caucasians” are they referring to?

Genetically speaking we’re mostly Spanish! The work of Stephen Oppenheimer of Oxford University has shown that 70 percent of Scottish men and 68 percent of the English have DNA that suggests they are descended from people who arrived in Britain more than 7,500 years ago from the Basque region of Northern Spain.

The conventional view has been that the Scots, Irish and Welsh are descended from Celts who arrived in the area comparatively recently, while the ancestors of the English are for the most part the Anglo-Saxons who drove the others into the hills as the Roman Empire was collapsing. But Oppenheimer says the DNA tells a different story.

‘The ancestors of some 88 percent of the Irish, 81 percent of the Welsh, 79 percent of the Cornish, 70 percent of Scots and 68 percent of the English arrived here during that period,” he said. “None of the later immigrations contributed anything more than 5 percent to the gene pool. So genetically speaking, Scots have more in common with the English than they have differences.’”

The following from Oppenheimer’s book, ‘Origins of the British’ (2006)…

“…75-95% of British Isles (genetic) matches derive from Iberia… Ireland, coastal Wales, and central and west-coast Scotland are almost entirely made up from Iberian founders, while the rest of the non-English parts of the British Isles have similarly high rates. England has rather lower rates of Iberian types with marked heterogeneity, but no English sample has less than 58% of Iberian samples…”

So there you have it, if you want to join the BNP you’d better be Basque!

Let’s face it, we British are, and always have been, a mongrel race – and some of us are bloody proud that fact 😉

There’s a great campaign taking place over at Facebook at the moment. The ‘Bankrupt the BNP‘ group intends to make good use of the BNP’s FREEPOST mailing address. Each time somebody posts a letter to the…

British Heritage, FREEPOST

…address, it costs the BNP 42p. The Facebook group page says…

“people this is the plan:

join >> invite >> print >> post

and repeat.”

Which sounds like a pretty good plan to us 🙂

There’s plenty of other good ideas to be found on the group’s posts, such as…

“Shockingly the BNP freephone 0800 0086191 is also being abused – every call costs them money and they are short of funds… Naughty scamps are dialing from a payphone and leaving it off the hook!Obviously do not call from your own landline because they will know the number which you are calling from. You cannot use prefix 141 because BNP have blocked anonymous callers.

You can also request flyers/stickers/other promotional material free of charge to display in your window/car/etc. Ask for as much as possible and recycle it !!!”

As antifascists we love this idea, but as anarchists we recognise that Gri££in differs from other political scum more by degree than by design. The Tories physically attacked Doncaster communities and caused a quarter of a century of impoverishment. The Labour Party has introduced over 3000 new crimes since 1997 and has whittled away our hard-won liberties – such as Habeas corpus, the right not to be tortured, etc, etc, and even, with their supposed solutions to anti-social behaviour, the right to a trial by a jury of our peers – to a higher degree than any other peacetime government. ALL mainstream political parties follow the same socially and environmentally destructive Neoliberal (and highly fascistic) economic trajectory that has been responsible for so much suffering in working class communities – and ALL of them have loads of FREEPOST addresses; here are a few for starters…

The Labour Party, FREEPOST, Nat 8909, Nottingham, NG2 1BR

The Conservative Party, FREEPOST, SWB 176, Bristol, BS6 5BR

The Liberal Democrats, FREEPOST, RLSY-AEBU-YYRC, London, N21 2PR

It’s great fun tracking down new FREEPOST addresses and FREEPHONE numbers, try it for yourself 🙂

*DISCLAIMER: Since the Tories and Labour have both bent over backwards to help introduce archaic, free-speech-quashing, conspiracy laws we would like to point out that this post is written purely for fun. We would in no way seek to encourage people to fight back against a corrupt political system that robs the majority of the population of their time, resources, freedom and dignity – honest.

A letter signed by four top military men has warned that the armed forces are being tainted by association with the far-right. It says…

“The reputation of Britain’s Armed Services is being tarnished by political extremists attempting to appropriate it for their own dubious ends…  The values of these extremists — many of whom are essentially racist — are fundamentally at odds with the values of the modern British military such as tolerance and fairness.”

The comments are aimed at the BNP’s Euro-election campaign which used extensive World War II imagery in a bizarre attempt to suggest that it was the BNP that protected Britain from fascism. To try and win votes they ran a series of posters headed ‘BATTLE FOR BRITAIN’. But the military really shouldn’t worry; the BNP might be big on hate, but they’re pretty small on brains…

One of their posters featured a Spitfire Mk.Vb


But the plane in the photograph was being flown by Squadron Leader Jan Zumbach of the 303 Polish Fighter Squadron!


303 Squadron claimed the greatest number of aircraft destroyed of the 66 Allied fighter squadrons engaged in the Battle of Britain, even though it joined the fray two months after the battle had begun. Which just goes to show what good workers the Poles are!

britain needs poles

Prick Griffin has attacked the police for not doing their duty when he was pelted with eggs yesterday (though we have to admit that we’re also a bit miffed with the plod for failing to arrest the BNP boot-boy who attacked an innocent bystander). As leader of a gang of former streetfighters Griffin can’t really complain about “hostile mobs”, but some of his comments were rather enlightening…

“I think it’s very sad that a hostile mob which is partly paid for by taxpayers and backed by Labour and the Conservatives is allowed to get away with mob violence on the streets of Britain in 2009.”

So if, like any sane person, you do not agree with the vile, hate-filled BNP then you’re part of a joint right-wing/left-wing conspiracy against Nick Griffin’s BNP which is partly paid for using public money. Hmm, sounds to us  like Griffin’s feeble mind is losing touch with reality.

And as for “using public money”, Griffin has just joined the biggest abusers of public funds in Europe. So who’s paranoid piggy snout is in the trough now?


Griffin, hypocrite and madman


We just wanted to say how much we really love eggs – unlike some people we could mention…


More egg fun here…

With the election of a British National Party (BNP) Yorkshire & Humber MEP, BNP leader, Nick Griffin, has suggested that former mining areas like Doncaster are now hotbeds of right wing politics. Of the European elections he has said  “we’re here to look after our people because no one else is”. He said that feelings were particularly strong in Yorkshire, where former pit communities felt “at the bottom of the heap”.

Indeed it was a sad day in Donny when the BNP managed to get nearly 12% of the vote in the Euro Elections and nearly 9% of the Mayoral election vote. It’s also bit shit that an English Democrat, Peter Davies, is now the most powerful man on Donny council. But does this signify a major rise in right wing politics in the former Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire?

Maybe the Mayoral election results can provide a few answers. At a provisional 35.81 per cent turn out was significantly lower than for the last mayoral election. The man who was eventually elected was not voted in as a ‘first choice’ – that went to Independent, Mick Maye with a vote of 17,150 to Davies’ 16,961; but this wasn’t deemed enough for an overall victory so the vote went to the  ‘second choice’ round where Davies’ 8383 second choice votes beat Maye’s 7840. This means that around 0.3% of the eligible voting population of Doncaster (9% of actual voters) cast the deciding vote. It’s also interesting to see that Davies’ second choice voting numbers coincide almost exactly with the overall number of BNP votes. And with regard to the European Elections Nation of Duncan has pointed out that the BNP won both seats with less votes than they did in 2004! Between 2004 and 2009 voters actually turned away from the BNP which, given the current political climate, is surprising. In Yorkshire and Humberside the BNP vote dropped by 6,000, in the Northwest it dropped by almost 3,000.

Though it pains us to say it, this voting pattern does prove Griffin right when he says that former mining communities feel “at the bottom of the heap”. But this doesn’t mean that we believe that right-wing, nationalist or fascist parties have anything new to offer us. The real message is WE DON”T TRUST POLITICIANS.

Griffin is also right (agreeing with Griffin twice in one post, oh the humanity) when he suggests that poor, largely white, communities have been completely abandoned by the democratic process. The politicians know it and the people know it, but it’s not the people who are the apathetic ones! ALL political parties exist for the benefit of big business and the middle class – the BNP are no exception, they’re on record as saying…

“What we urgently need, and must have to survive, is very much less democracy, a very much smaller, more carefully selected and more intelligent electorate … Granting a vote to each and every one of the natives of Britain was madness … lunacy could hardly go further!”

In other words only the ‘professional’ middle class should get the vote. Unfortunately, with two thirds of the population not voting, this is already the case, but with a system of ‘representative’ democracy you have to feel that you’re being represented in order to give a shit.

The only people who get more out of central government than they give to it are prisoners and politicians, so why do we put up with this outdated system of self-abuse?

The truth is that we have the technology and the intelligence to create a system of direct, participatory democracy to replace the decadent and corrupt, Westminster based, Party-Political system that has failed us so spectacularly. Modern life is filled with change, wonder and diversity (Diversity, now they were worth voting for!), no single political party or ideology can come close to addressing our needs. The left are moribund, the right are dinosaurs. It’s time to build new, open source, grass-root community based, political movements that address our immediate needs without the usual ulterior motives of power and greed. Any ideas? 🙂

The BNP has recently welcomed the support of Dr Sean Gabb, a libertarian conservative (i.e. he thinks rich people should be able to do whatever they want and to hell with the social costs) who has argued that there shouldn’t be any laws against the possession of child porn. This isn’t really surprising when you consider the party’s track record. Just last year two prominent BNP members, Ian Hindle and David Wells, were jailed for child sex offences.

BNP = Bloody Nonce’s Party

Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb in a Turkish sweet shop.

If you’re still tempted to vote for these wankers – i.e. if you’re an Irish Catholic Priest 😉 – then maybe you’d like to bear the following in mind…

• The BNP has avoided paying income tax and National Insurance contributions by pretending that some staff were self-employed.

• Their 2007 party accounts failed their audit as several thousand pounds of expenditure was not properly recorded.

• The EU elections offer the BNP a gravy train of over £2 million—how much will go to line their own pockets?

• BNP leader Nick Griffin has strong links with David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, as well as many other neo-nazi groups around the world. Griffin is also cosying up with officials from a Hungarian fascist party, Jobbik. The party is strongly anti-Jewish and organises a private army of uniformed fascists.

• In Barking & Dagenham, seven BNP councillors attended only 27% of meetings—but each still pocketed the full £9,810 allowance.
• One BNP councillor in Sandwell attended no meetings at all for six months and was booted off the council—but he still took his allowance.

And in the BNP’s own words…

“What we urgently need, and must have to survive, is very much less democracy, a very much smaller, more carefully selected and more intelligent electorate … Granting a vote to each and every one of the natives of Britain was madness … lunacy could hardly go further!”
(Internal BNP document)

Bullet points taken from a comment by ‘Info’ on this previous post.

The BNP have no mojo!

May 27, 2009

Last night the British National Party (BNP) made a party political broadcast to try and drum up votes for their prospective Euro MP. A lot of people said that, as purveyors of hate, they should never be allowed air time, but we have always fallen on the side of free speech ourselves and think the more exposure these nutters get the better the general public will understand them. Talking to friends and colleagues this morning I don’t think we we’re wrong. There were plenty of criticisms…

Like all political parties the BNP think the general public are stupid and that they can just rewrite history. A lot of people we spoke to said things like “Surely we were fighting against the likes of them (meaning the nationalistic/racially-idealistic BNP who’s beliefs are more akin to Hitler’s than Churchill’s) in World War II?” and “We didn’t fight the bloody war on our own! There was every country and race you can imagine fighting alongside our troops.” And then there were statements like “What would they do about the Gurkha’s then?”

With unemployment pushing 4 million a lot of people were offended with Griffin’s language… “Did you here the little bastard go on about ‘spongers’, I’m 50 years old and on the scrap heap; if I ever got my hands on the bastard he’d wish I WAS a fucking sponge!” and ” He sounded more like a posh fucking 1980’s tory twat than a man of the people.” To which somebody pointed out that he was in fact a posh twat who hates the poor and people from council estates.

But it wasn’t their lies, their sneery holier-than-thou attitude or even their ill-disguised contempt for their fellow man that stood out for us; it was their complete and utter lack of mojo. Party political broadcasts are always painfully bad, but this was made by some freak who had a camera, but no soul; Leni Rosenthal they were most definitely not. It looked hopelessly dated and tired, just like their ideology. They’re about as inspirational as the thieving bastards they claim to oppose.

We must always be on our guard against all forms of fascism, but we can also see that the old political attitudes are beginning to whither. There are huge changes in the air. The fastest growing political force in Europe is the Pirate Party, which shows how new socio-economic philosophies and practices are emerging to replace the – so last century! – ideologies of hatred and death. The BNP shows neither the willing nor the wherewithal to embrace these changes. The sooner they fuck off and die like the dinosaurs they are the better for us all!


Prick Griffin, just another greedy parasite.