E.D. Who?

August 28, 2010

There was some good news today when the collection of skinheads and football hooligans laughingly known as the English Defense League (EDL) failed to draw the full support of their ‘league’ for their provocative Bradford demo.

The EDL - definitely not fascists, honest!

Despite hailing Bradford as ‘the big one’ only 700 EDL supporters turned up compared to 900 at last year’s Leeds demo. Feeling a little frustrated by this the ‘non-violent’ and ‘compliant’ EDL began to throw bottles, rocks and smoke bombs at the police and anti-fascist demonstrators. What’s that old saying about leopards and spots?

We should never feel complacent about the right wing and we should remain ever vigilant against fascism. But it is heartwarming to see such a drop in numbers when the group has only just celebrated its first birthday. For all their posturing it looks like the EDL have failed to find any support whatsoever amongst the everyday English people who they claim to represent.

It’s obvious that we’re not fans of the BNP and other racist right-wing groups, but religious fascism also poses a threat to our hard-won liberties. Islam for the UK have organised a protest march which will take place on Saturday, October 31st – Halloween.

March 4 Shari’ah will call for the full implementation of Shari’ah Law in the UK…


Anyone who opposes fascism should definitely oppose this!

Isn’t it bad enough that the Labour government is rolling back basic liberties like the right to silence, due process of law, habeas corpus and the right not to be tortured – all in the name of security? Should we really abandon the little democracy we have left to a bunch of overbearing, religious zealots?

Only a fascist would write something like this…

“we have had enough of democracy and man-made law and the depravity of the British culture”

We believe wholeheartedly in religious tolerance, but the key word here is TOLERANCE. Groups like Islam4Uk will only ever damage the general perception people have of Islam, in much the same way that the BNP damage the reputation of our largely tolerant white, working class communities. SAY NO TO FASCISM!

The BNP have no mojo!

May 27, 2009

Last night the British National Party (BNP) made a party political broadcast to try and drum up votes for their prospective Euro MP. A lot of people said that, as purveyors of hate, they should never be allowed air time, but we have always fallen on the side of free speech ourselves and think the more exposure these nutters get the better the general public will understand them. Talking to friends and colleagues this morning I don’t think we we’re wrong. There were plenty of criticisms…

Like all political parties the BNP think the general public are stupid and that they can just rewrite history. A lot of people we spoke to said things like “Surely we were fighting against the likes of them (meaning the nationalistic/racially-idealistic BNP who’s beliefs are more akin to Hitler’s than Churchill’s) in World War II?” and “We didn’t fight the bloody war on our own! There was every country and race you can imagine fighting alongside our troops.” And then there were statements like “What would they do about the Gurkha’s then?”

With unemployment pushing 4 million a lot of people were offended with Griffin’s language… “Did you here the little bastard go on about ‘spongers’, I’m 50 years old and on the scrap heap; if I ever got my hands on the bastard he’d wish I WAS a fucking sponge!” and ” He sounded more like a posh fucking 1980’s tory twat than a man of the people.” To which somebody pointed out that he was in fact a posh twat who hates the poor and people from council estates.

But it wasn’t their lies, their sneery holier-than-thou attitude or even their ill-disguised contempt for their fellow man that stood out for us; it was their complete and utter lack of mojo. Party political broadcasts are always painfully bad, but this was made by some freak who had a camera, but no soul; Leni Rosenthal they were most definitely not. It looked hopelessly dated and tired, just like their ideology. They’re about as inspirational as the thieving bastards they claim to oppose.

We must always be on our guard against all forms of fascism, but we can also see that the old political attitudes are beginning to whither. There are huge changes in the air. The fastest growing political force in Europe is the Pirate Party, which shows how new socio-economic philosophies and practices are emerging to replace the – so last century! – ideologies of hatred and death. The BNP shows neither the willing nor the wherewithal to embrace these changes. The sooner they fuck off and die like the dinosaurs they are the better for us all!


Prick Griffin, just another greedy parasite.

A new report entitled Database State by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust shows just how far towards fascism the modern UK state is leaning.  The so called ‘War on Terror’ has been used to introduce practices and laws that our forebears would have found utterly abhorrent (in fact our ancestors have won hard fought battles throughout history to ensure basic freedoms for all – Magna Carta anyone?). The excuses are always the same “It’s for your protection.” and “The innocent have nothing to fear.”

How many times have we heard the same old bullshit, how many times have they guaranteed that there’s nothing to worry about – tell that to the people who’s details were on the Child Benefit Database discs that were ‘lost’ in October, 2007!

The report finds that only 6 out of 46 databases assessed have “a proper basis for any privacy intrusions and are proportionate and necessary in a democratic society.” Unfortunate no blatantly classed divided society has the right to call itself ‘democratic’ – and this isthe most openly class divided country on the planet!

As for the finacial costs – the government already spends 16 billion a year on IT and they’re planning to spend an extra 100 billion pounds of public money (which they’ll probably have to borrow seeing as we’re now skint thanks to them already giving our money to the banks) on their ‘Transformational Governement’ (aka ‘Techno-Fascist’) programme over the next 5 years even though only 30% of government IT projects actually succeed.

Databases and ID Cards are bad, but when combined with video surveilliance they become positively dangerous.


Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, has already warned that the UK was running the risk of “sleep-walking into a surveillance society. […] In the last 10 or 15 years a great deal of surveillance in public and private places has been extended without sufficient thought to the risks and consequences, […] Our society is based on liberty and democracy. I do not want to see excessive surveillance hardwired into British society.”And this from a man who actually has faith in government!


Goodbye Brigadista

January 31, 2009


Legendary anti-fascist Bob Doyle died this week at the age of 93. Born into poverty in Dublin, the young Doyle Doyle joined the street battles against Ireland’s Blueshirt fascists. In October 1937 joined the International Brigades and fought in the Spanish Civil War where he ended up as a POW until 1939. Throughout his life he would re-visit Spain to campaign against Franco’s dictatorship.

Living in Notting Hill during the race riots of 1958 he helped to organise protests and patrols to protect immigrant West Indians. He also drew regular Sunday crowds of up to 600 at Speakers’ Corner, where he would attract attention by setting fire to newspapers and saying “That’s what I think of the capitalist press”.

At the age of 72 he discovered marijuanaand grew his own “Neasden Dope” in his back garden until he grew tired of local youths breaking in to his greenhouse 🙂

His autobiography, Brigadista: An Irishman’s Fight Against Fascism was published in Dublin in 2006.

RIP Bob.


To ‘protect‘ us from ‘terrorism‘ the UK government is proposing to spend £12bn of public money to create a database of every UK individual’s emails, internet activity and mobile phone calls. The data will be held by a private (probably US owned) company and will be used to gather evidence on possible terrorist activity.

The fact that the government is paranoid and treats the people that it is supposed to serve as a threat is nothing new; this kind of monitoring of the UK population has been practised covertly at Menwith Hill for years and blacklists based on political/union activity are always being brought to light. But if this database becomes an overt tool of the law then the evidence collected will be submissable in court and the potential for misuse and miscarriages of justice becomes potentially devastating.

Sir Ken Macdonald, one time Director of Public Prosecutions, described the database as an “unimaginable hell-house of personal private information”, but his successor Keir Starmer QC, speaking publicly for the first time since taking up his post in November, said the Government, police and security agencies should only be allowed to collect and use that data where there was a clear “legitimate purpose” that justified the invasion of an individual’s privacy – this is newspeak for “make sure your victim is adequately demonised in the media before you make your move.” This does show what we can expect from the law, a gradual softening of it’s stance as the government increases its pressure.

Fear and paranoia leads to fascism – where is  our latter day Gorgeous George Orwell?

As part of their ongoing attack on the poor MPs are trying to give bailiffs new powers to enter people’s homes. Ministers have been accused of threatening individual liberties over proposals that privately employed bailiffs should be given rights to physically remove debtors who try to prevent belongings from being seized. Bailiffs have been denied the right to break into homes for hundreds of years and this move should be seen as a step to far by anyone who still gives a shit about freedom – unfortunately many people seem to value their property more than their liberty nowadays.

This is the kind of ‘fascist-lite’ policy that every mainstream political party is presently endorsing – and because mainstream parties have more chance of pushing policies like these through they must be seen as an even bigger threat to freedom than the much loathed BNP. As money gets tighter the middle-class will get more vindictive and it will be the impoverished and the minorities who will be held accountable – whilst the rich bastards who caused the problem in the first place will be bailed out with public money.

As for the bailiffs themselves, they’re exactly the kind of narrow minded scum who come out with phrases like “I’m just following orders.”, “I’m only doing my job.” or “If I didn’t do it somebody even worse than me would.” They’re the  ‘little men’ who oil the cogs of the fascist machine – oh yeah, and they’re all bastards!