This took place in Soho Square on the day of the Royal Wedding. In the run up to the wedding anarchists were arrested in a pre-emptive strike, even though – as one anarchist observed – anarchists are fighting capitalism, not feudalism! In other words arrests were made based solely on political beliefs. Welcome to Britain in 2011. Welcome to the UKKK – a place where the lyrics to the song on the video are getting all too real.

Apparently private security guards in London have been given ‘limited policing powers’ as part of a Government scheme to ‘relieve the petty crime burden on forces’. The ‘Community Safety Accreditation Scheme’ (catchy!) is a Home Office initiative which enables police chiefs (cuz we all know how trustworthy they are) to designate targeted police powers to private firms (private and power, a recipe for disaster if ever there was one!).

Under the scheme the security guards are given the power to: Request a name and address for a string of offences including criminal damage, begging and anti-social behaviour; to confiscate alcohol being consumed within a designated public place or by a person under the age of 18 years; confiscate cigarettes from under 16s; and stop cyclists riding on footpaths!

Now your average plod is a fascistic little twat by nature, but they look positively human compared to your average security guard. The job seems to attract every LITTLE HITLER and S.A.S. WANNABE on the planet!

Seriously, when they’re off duty most of them spend their time sitting around in Ex-Army combat fatigues watching re-runs of ‘The A Team’; do we really want to give them the power to HARASS our kids?

And take a look at ‘the firms’ involved… The first bunch of empowered security guards (aka privatised police force) are 15 employees of Ultimate Security Services; a company who have based their logo on, who else?…, the SAS…

Spot the difference?

Who Dares Wins! Eh, Rodders?

Brigade members joined forces with Underclass Rising to offer our support to students in Sheffield today. First to turn  up were thousands of 6th formers who are protesting against the loss of EMA. These youngsters were in fine voice and the anti-Tory songs took us straight back to the 80s – though I’m sure we never swore as much back then, honest 😉 Sadly we only had a few of AMP’s ‘Best Cut’ posters left to give out, which is a shame because they were very warmly received. You can just make some out in the photos (sorry, these ones were taken on a crappy phone, but Underclass Rising will be putting more online soon). We needn’t have worried though, the kids were on form with some brilliant banners. There were obscure ones – “Dis shit wouldn’t go down at hogwarts”, personal ones – a picture of Sam Cam which read “Not the only one being screwed by David!” and ‘to-the-point’ ones – a piece of paper that simply read ‘CUNTS’.

When the uni students turned up the protesters marched through the streets of Sheffield, down to the Town Hall. It was hard to gage how many people were involved, but West St was full from one end to the other with students. It was pretty obvious that the Yorkshire Post‘s estimate of 1000 was complete bollocks (as usual) – and the Posts ‘coverage’ is predictably negative. The support for the student’s cause is damn near universal in Sheffield and everybody was clapping as they passed. We doubt Sheffield has seen many protests like this since the days of CND or the Poll Tax.

Once at the Town Hall we attempted to get an aerial-photo from the upper floors of Barclays Bank – we were stopped on the stairs and asked what we were doing. When we told them, they said “We wouldn’t want to be associated with THEM!”, pointing at the students. There you have it, as if you didn’t know already – an official spokesman for Barclays wants nothing to do with people fighting for fairness, democracy  and justice! FUCKING BANKERS!

There wasn’t much of a police presence at the Hall, but when we walked round the corner, to the Peace Garden, we found that vans and horses were lined up in force. Sadly the boys with billy-clubs would have been more than happy to vent their spleen on Sheffield’s wonderful children 😦 C’mon lads, you really should have joined them on their demo instead of skulking in a corner like the school bully – after all, you’re gonna be victims of the cuts too!

This was one of the most inspirational protests we’ve seen in years. These kids can certainly teach the grown-ups a thing or to. If the adults are afraid to take to the streets because they might lose their jobs then they need to wake up and smell the coffee – cuz you’re definitely gonna lose them – and a whole lot more – if you don’t!

We need to fight the cuts, and then we need to fight the government. If not, then we get the future we deserve!

It’s estimated that the cost of protecting Billy and Cat from the riff-raff… er sorry… we mean the cost of ‘policing the royal couple, Will and Kate, on their big day’ will run to the tune of £80 million.

£80 fucking million! What’s up with having Bill’s little brother ‘H’ on the door and his uncle Andy on the look-out for trouble inside? They’re all military men, surely they can handle it if the Middleton’s decide to kick-off (bound to happen, you know what weddings are like).

In these times of austerity surely £80 million is taking the piss slightly. It’s not as if Bill & Cat are even that famous; not really, not like Katie & Peter (bless ’em) or Posh & Becks.

But at least the happy event will take our minds of the fact that the government is attacking the poorest and most vulnerable people in society and dismantling the welfare-state right in front of our star-struck eyes. Thanks a lot Billy Boy…

The Daily Wail have published this piccie of the copper who assaulted Ian Tomlinson…



July 28, 2010

12noon Friday 30th July // Picket against DPP – Solidarity with Ian Tomlinson’s Family

If you work, try and get half a day off like many of us are doing. Most importantly spread the word to all your friends and family.

Everyone to the streets! Never forget Never forgive!

Office of Department of Public Prosecution
Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, SE1 9HS

*Download a printable poster here…

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have announced that they are to open an official inquiry into the final moments of the standoff between armed officers and Raoul Moat after it emerged that a 50,000-volt charge from a Taser stun gun may have been responsible for ‘nutty’ Moat shooting himself.

Completely sane and reliable police officers like the guy in this picture…

"Grrrr, go ahead punk. Make my day."

…will come under scrutiny as the ICC report on Moat’s death will decide whether…

a) Moat shot himself and then some bastard tasered him.


b) Some bastard tasered him which led to moat shooting himself.

Either way they will be forced to conclude what we already know, that ALL COPPERS ARE BASTARDS ;-)

We’re in no way defending Moat, but we know that this IPCC report is going to be an expensive waste of time, because even when the police kill innocent people like Jean Charles de Menezes or Ian Tomlinson justice is never served.

Delroy Smellie, the Met mad-man who was filmed hitting a woman with a baton at the G20 demonstrations walked free from court today after a judge ruled he acted lawfully.

We supposed the same judge thinks that arbitrary detention (illegal for 800 years in this county under Magna Carta), also known as kettling, and manslaughter are also ‘lawful’ as long as it’s the rozzers who are committing these atrocious acts.

Incredibly District Judge Daphne Wickham had already ruled that the victim’s witness statement could not be read to the court as it was “not in the interests of justice”. But this case has had absolutely nothing to do with ‘justice’.

No single judge should preside over a case like this. When a representative of the law  (such as it is) is on trial only a jury of our peers can be trusted to remain objective.

The sad truth is that a country can never have true justice until it has a fully open and accessible legal system. The Levellers were arguing for an elected judiciary over 360 years ago – and with the actions of our judges, lawyers and solicitors, isn’t it high time we called for the same thing?

*Interestingly enough Judge Wickham was the one who refused to arrest the Isreali Defence Minister for War Crimes.

We’ve been hearing a lot about freeloaders lately, but this from the BBC has to take first prize…

A group of Scotland Yard officers may be punished after being caught sitting in first class on a train for free.

Police get free travel in standard class in return for keeping carriages safe and tackling abusive passengers.

But an anti-corruption unit found six Metropolitan Police officers in first class. A sergeant and three Pcs from Westminster police were also caught.

All the officers now face misconduct proceedings following the bust on 11 September.

‘Free’ travel for police in London is estimated to cost around £24,000,000 a year!

Greedy PIGS

August 18, 2009


The Independent has revealed how Britain’s police constables are topping up their salaries by thousands of pounds every year – in some cases more than doubling their annual pay…

Freedom of information requests responded to by 35 of the 51 forces in England, Scotland and Wales showed that more than 12,000 PCs claimed more than £6,000 each in overtime last year – a 20 per cent increase on their salaries.

Officers in some of the country’s rural forces earned upwards of £25,000 in overtime alone. Nearly 500 made more than £15,000 on top of their salaries. One London-based PC earned more than £90,000 – an increase of at least £50,000 on his salary.

Officers at the Met earned the most in overtime. A total of 2,296 PCs in the capital earned between £50,000 and £60,000; 339 earned over £60,000; 53 more than £70,000 and 12 grossed over £80,000 – at least £38,000 more than their salaries. These amounts were likely to be higher than other forces because some Met PCs perform roles such as royal protection officers and so spend long periods outside the UK.

Put into context, a Chief Inspector’s starting salary is £50,499 while a Superintendent earns £60,749. The Met PC earning over £90,000 took home more than £15,000 more than a chief superintendent who sits six ranks above him.

This overtime is costing the people of England and Wales £485m annually and violent crime has still risen by nearly 80% in the last decade!

It would appear that politicians and bankers are not the only fat cats (or should that be ‘fat pigs’) on the block (or should that be ‘on the beat’).