Here Comes Riot Dog…

June 20, 2011

Pure brilliance from David Rovics 😀

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On the First Day of Christmas some bright spark in Vodafone’s marketing department thought it would be a good idea to run a ’12 days of smiles’ competition on Twitter where you said what made you smile via #mademesmile. The response was phenomenal…

The tax dodging scumbags were inundated with anti-Vodafone tweets forcing them to take down their live Twitter feed.

Public 1, Vodafone 0

Nice work everyone!

Image by the AMP

And a nice anti-tax-dodger article from Johann Hari –

This press release shows that the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) has filed a complaint against two UK based firms, Liverpool’s Cargill Cotton and London’s ICT Cotton, for complicity in the abuse of children’s rights in Uzbekistan.

The ECCHR says these companies “have contributed substantially to maintaining the use of child and forced labour in the Uzbek cotton production”.

If you’re sickened by this let them know…



We like to bear in mind that we’re talking to workers, not boss scum. So we keep our emails friendly…

SUBJECT: Need cheap product! Never mind the ethics!

To whom it may concern,

We know you’re only a small cog in a mighty big wheel, but we also know that you know child labour is wrong – –

If you care what happens to kids you need to express your concern to your bosses. Better still kick ’em out, you know you don’t really need ’em 😉

Healthy profit margins are all they need to ease their shriveled consciences. We know you’re better than that.

If you look down you’ll see two appendages hanging from your body. They’re you’re legs – use them and walk away from you’re abusive paymasters.

In solidarity x

Warm regards,
Robin Goodfella


December 5, 2010

Our friends over at The AMP are busy creating a lovely range of Royal Wedding memorabilia…

If you’ve got any more Fuck The Royal Wedding poster ideas, just let them know 😉

Today’s media is full of condemnation (again) for Wikileaks even though none of the latest revelations are particularly earth-shattering. Our press are much more comfortable feigning surprise when, thirty years after the event, we’re told what we all knew already – i.e. stuff like: there was a plot to knobble Wilson; the army was used against the miners; Harry IS James Hewitt’s lovechild 😉 ; etc. They call themselves the ‘free press’ and yet they’re shit scared of freedom of information!

Remember kids, the only good media is MediaLens! 😉

The main thing we got from the latest leaks was confirmation that so called ‘leaders’, ‘officials’ and ‘voices of authority’ are childish and inept and frankly not up to the job they claim to be doing (no surprises there, you only have to watch 5 minutes of parliamentary debate to know that they’re all completely clueless). Once again the facts give lie to the myth that somebody, somewhere is actually in charge of this sinking ship. As Alan Moore observed in Margeret Killjoy’s interview:

“It … occurred to me that, basically, anarchy is in fact the only political position that is actually possible. I believe that all other political states are in fact variations or outgrowths of a basic state of anarchy; after all, when you mention the idea of anarchy to most people they will tell you what a bad idea it is because the biggest gang would just take over. Which is pretty much how I see contemporary society. We live in a badly developed anarchist situation in which the biggest gang has taken over and have declared that it is not an anarchist situation—that it is a capitalist or a communist situation.”

Not only do our bloated political, legal and military institutions basically equate to ‘mob rule’, but ALL hierarchical systems guarantee that the wrong person will always end up in the wrong job. Wikileaks’ leaks certainly help to reinforce what Robert Shea said in his 1990 article, ‘The Empire of the Rising Scum‘:

[T]he more an organization succeeds and prospers, the more it is likely to be diverted from its original ideals, principles and purposes. While Francis of Assissi was still alive, the religious order he founded, dedicated to poverty, had already started to acquire real estate.

Every combination of two or more human beings has both a useful aspect and a political aspect. These tend to conflict with each other. As the political aspect becomes more and more influential, the organization ceases to be useful to its members and starts using them.

Why does this happen? Because the better an organization is at fulfilling its purpose, the more it attracts people who see the organization as an opportunity to advance themselves.

The ability to get ahead in an organization is simply another talent, like the ability to play chess, paint pictures, do coronary bypass operations or pick pockets. There are some people who are extraordinarily good at manipulating- organizations to serve their own ends. The Russians, who have suffered under such people for centuries, have a name for them– apparatchiks. It was an observer of apparatchiks who coined the maxim, “The scum rises to the top.”

The apparatchik’s aim in life is to out-ass-kiss, out-maneuver, out-threaten, out-lie and ultimately out-fight his or her way to the top of the pyramid-any pyramid. Appropriately, Russia produced a superb specimen of homo apparatchikus–Josef Stalin. Many American novels have described the wheeling and dealing of apparatchiks in various occupations; perhaps the classic fictional character of this kind is Sammy Glick, the movie tycoon in Budd Schulberg’s novel, What Makes Sammy Run? Niccolo Machiavelli wrote a handbook for apparatchiks that is unsurpassed to this day–The Prince. But the most successful of this breed need neither exemplars or hand-books; they seem to know instinctively what to do.

It often happens that when a person possesses a particular ability to an extraordinary degree, nature makes up for it by leaving him or her incompetent in every other department. Thus we see owners of baseball teams who lack any understanding of the sport, heads of banks who couldn’t balance a checkbook, industrialists whose main industry is riding around in fancy limos, and generals who know more about playing golf with congressmen than they do about fighting wars.

Unfortunately, the existence of this talent means that every successful organization will sooner or later be taken over by apparatchiks. (emphasis added)

Edward Abbey knew what to do about apparatchiks…

So let’s stir things up!

We hope everyone has been practising the lovely Clegg Anthem for Sheffield on Wednesday 24th November. Here’s a reminder of how it goes (sung to the tune of ‘My Old Man’s A Dustman’ if you were wondering, Nick)…

Nick Clegg is a wanker
he wears a wanker’s hat
and no one really likes him
cos he’s a massive twat
he’s hated by the left wing
he’s hated by the right
he’ll never be the P.M.
cos he’s a fucking shite.

image by the AMP

We’ve received an urgent bulletin from our wonderful Rotherham Pixie friends…

Royal Visit to Death Park!

War lords Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh will visit Rotherham’s cutting edge DEATH PARK ‘factory of the future’ this week!

They will tour the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Catcliffe on Thursday. This sick global research facility is the experiment centre of heavy construction, nuclear, aerospace and defense corporations. Boeing, Rolls Royce, BAE, and UK and US Military all have their talons in this centre supported by the Sheffield and Manchester Uni’s. Casting Technology International one of the businesses already operating at the park makes parts for ‘drones’ (unmanned aerial and ground vehicles) on site as well as other defence hardware for such instruments of death as the Taranis Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle, the Joint Strike Fighter, the M777 Lightweight Howitzer and the Future Naval Gun.

How lovely for the queen to be able to view first hand the innovative and advanced technological solutions of how to profit from death, raping of the earth and oppression of the people.

The Advanced Manufacturing Park has already been operating for over a year and now her Majesty will be leading a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of construction for the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) with Rolls Royce. She will also visit University of Sheffield, Sheffield Cathedral and the Gripple Factory.

So if queeny and her band of murderous men want to celebrate nuclear and death for profit then we will celebrate peace, love and respect so make your way to Catcliffe, Rotherham this Thursday 18th Nov for a PARTY FOR PEACE! Loads of support is needed so dont go to work, turn off your tv’s, bring out your banners and drums and any other musical instruments you have, show solidarity and a big not in our name! What kind of future do you want for the human race??

Peace x

CORDON have organised an anti-cuts demo in Doncaster. In their own words…

The Con-Dem cuts will hit Doncaster hard. Thousands of jobs are at stake, including many in the NHS, Post and Council, and services we rely on will be devastated.With the scrapping of EMA and the withdrawal of the cap on tuition fees, working class kids will be excluded from higher education, effectively  cutting off the route out of poverty for our children.

We need to make [this demo] the biggest Doncaster has ever seen. Make your voice heard, be there on the 13th November. Defend Jobs, Defend Services from the Con-Dems and their supporters within Doncaster Council. Click here to download leaflets for the demo.

Saturday 13th November
Assemble at Mansion House 12.00pm

Everyone should go along and send a message to the government…

The following comment by Tom C on Ian Bone’s blog sums up everything you need to know about those crackpot has-been hooligans posing as patriots who call themselves the English Defense League…

Two things that I thought were interesting about yesterdays EDL demo was, there were a group of about 15 – 20 who didn’t get involved with the main demo but stayed in the pub and sent out rat boys out to scout for them. They were going to get involved if their numbers were high enough, with out the numbers they stayed clear of any trouble, again only having the bottle in numbers.

Secondly on the train to Leeds a group of 6 EDL were in my coach along with four Arsenal fans heading home from the Blackburn game. One EDL twat started acting all large and mighty slagging of asians then singing No surrender to the taliban, when on of the Aresnal fans got up walked down the carriage and Lamped the EDL twat, totally straight down out cold, none of his weasel mates did anything, they didn’t have the bottle. As EDL twat started to come round the Arsenal fan said stay down you sad fuck.
So much for EDL being in with the footy fans.

An entertaining report of the day can also be read here…

E.D. Who?

August 28, 2010

There was some good news today when the collection of skinheads and football hooligans laughingly known as the English Defense League (EDL) failed to draw the full support of their ‘league’ for their provocative Bradford demo.

The EDL - definitely not fascists, honest!

Despite hailing Bradford as ‘the big one’ only 700 EDL supporters turned up compared to 900 at last year’s Leeds demo. Feeling a little frustrated by this the ‘non-violent’ and ‘compliant’ EDL began to throw bottles, rocks and smoke bombs at the police and anti-fascist demonstrators. What’s that old saying about leopards and spots?

We should never feel complacent about the right wing and we should remain ever vigilant against fascism. But it is heartwarming to see such a drop in numbers when the group has only just celebrated its first birthday. For all their posturing it looks like the EDL have failed to find any support whatsoever amongst the everyday English people who they claim to represent.