On the First Day of Christmas some bright spark in Vodafone’s marketing department thought it would be a good idea to run a ’12 days of smiles’ competition on Twitter where you said what made you smile via #mademesmile. The response was phenomenal…

The tax dodging scumbags were inundated with anti-Vodafone tweets forcing them to take down their live Twitter feed.

Public 1, Vodafone 0

Nice work everyone!

Image by the AMP

And a nice anti-tax-dodger article from Johann Hari – http://ukuncut.org.uk/blog/guest-blog-philip-green-is-sponging-off-the-state

CORDON have organised an anti-cuts demo in Doncaster. In their own words…

The Con-Dem cuts will hit Doncaster hard. Thousands of jobs are at stake, including many in the NHS, Post and Council, and services we rely on will be devastated.With the scrapping of EMA and the withdrawal of the cap on tuition fees, working class kids will be excluded from higher education, effectively  cutting off the route out of poverty for our children.

We need to make [this demo] the biggest Doncaster has ever seen. Make your voice heard, be there on the 13th November. Defend Jobs, Defend Services from the Con-Dems and their supporters within Doncaster Council. Click here to download leaflets for the demo.

Saturday 13th November
Assemble at Mansion House 12.00pm

Everyone should go along and send a message to the government…

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Get yours and get ready for October 3rd…