As part of UK Uncut’s ‘Pay Day’ campaign there are some 55 simultaneous protests against tax-avoiding companies taking place around the UK today. Targets include Vodafone, Top Man, Dorothy Perkins, BHS, Boots and HSBC bank.

It turns out that Tory Trade Minister, Stephen Green, was on the board of HSBC when they brokered a £2bn reduction in their taxes! A politician doing favours for bankers, who’d have thought it? In central London, 23 activists have staged a ‘sleep-in’ to highlight the fact that the £2bn could have paid for the estimated £1.8bn cuts to housing benefit which will force many to loose their homes.

In Brighton two St Nicks got nicked for gluing themselves inside a BHS store while the rest of their ‘disruptive tax dodger tour’ also shut Dorothy Perkins and Burtons. There have been further confirmed store closures in London, Edinburgh, Truro, Manchester, Cambridge, Liverpool, Wrexham, Walthamstow, Brixton, Tunbridge Wells, Islington, Bristol, Nottingham, and Oxford.

As a spokesperson for a group of anti-capitalist carol singing Santas called ‘Santas against excessive consumption’ said whilst occupying a branch of M&S:

This is not just an anti austerity protest. This is an M and S anti austerity protest.

On the First Day of Christmas some bright spark in Vodafone’s marketing department thought it would be a good idea to run a ’12 days of smiles’ competition on Twitter where you said what made you smile via #mademesmile. The response was phenomenal…

The tax dodging scumbags were inundated with anti-Vodafone tweets forcing them to take down their live Twitter feed.

Public 1, Vodafone 0

Nice work everyone!

Image by the AMP

And a nice anti-tax-dodger article from Johann Hari –