This Is The Class War

September 13, 2010

For all our anger and posturing we are politicised chiefly because we care about people and are appalled by the needless suffering created by a privileged minority. ALL hierarchical political structures – no matter how liberal they may claim to be – rely on division, privilege, poverty and fear to survive.  The poor and powerless exist BECAUSE the privileged and powerful exist. Some people claim that this is simply ‘human nature’, but if this were the case the powerful wouldn’t need billy-clubs (be they sticks, swords or  nuclear armaments) and prisons (be they walls of stone or mind forg’d manacles) to enforce their will upon the rest of us.

There is an alternative, and this is probably the first step…

We’ve been inspired by some of the things Vinay says, it’s made us think about the ways we can act within our own community (one of the UK’s poorest) to bring about positive change. We’re going to be working on a new project so this blog may go quite for quite some time (possibly forever). Meanwhile we’ll bid you adieuNO WAR, BUT THE CLASS WAR!


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